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Having a teenage daughter can sometimes be the most difficult job of a mother. Teenage girls have many concerns about their beauty. One blemish can cause them panic. My daughter had been facing a hard time with hair and acne on her face. She had always been embarrassed about her hair and acne issues. She's always bleached her face and I was quite embarrassed. I went around to many doctors, but I was never satisfied with the results. While watching T.V. e day, I turned to ITV Gold and was impressed by Dr. Kavita's live-show. So I gave it a shot and went to her clinic in Manhattan. This consultation not only solved my daughter's problem, but made me feel good that I had been able to help my daughter's confidence build up.

Dr. Kavita had given my daughter regular treatments and the hair on my daughter's is softer and has decreased very much. I've also noticed that the laser hair removal machine has helped the acne on my daughter's face decrease as well. It's is smoother and much cleaner than before. Dr. Kavita treated my daughter as her own daughter. While being treated she made sure that her internal problems were being taken care of and put her on homeopathic medication. "Sometimes internal problems can cause skin issues" as said by Dr. Kavita. She is very friendly and kind to all her patients and has tried her best to deal with many types of skin issues we face. Thanks to the help of Dr. Kavita Payyar today my daughter feels good about herself.

Sunita/Hena, NY

I went to Dr Kavita for laser hair removal and am so happy that I did. Before going to Dr Kavita, I had gone to another doctor for laser treatment and instead of reducing the amount of hair on my face it had doubled and become darker and thicker. I decided I needed to try something else and went to Dr. Kavita, who was able to get the hair on my face to get lighter and weak in just a few treatments. The hair on my face has significantly reduced where I only have to see Dr Kavita twice a year and that too the hair is so light that I don't even really have to go twice in a year.

I would also like to say that I had dark circles under my eyes and Dr Kavita gave me one treatment and the circles have disappeared. Dr. Kavita's hands work like magic for…me

Seema, NY

I've been having such a great response at Dr. Kavita's clinic. You don't have to worry about threading, waxing or shaving. The results with the laser air removal are fantastic. My face is so much smoother, cleaner and hairless!! The hair growth has decreased tremendously!!

After being treated at Dr. Kavita's clinic I feel like a new person. My self-confidence has built up. She is more than just "a doctor" to her patients. She is a friend that understands you and will do her best to solve your problem. It's a fact that when you look good you feel good. I am a very satisfied patient and I recommend everyone to come see Dr. Kavita. She might be the answer to your skin problems.

Cute Girl - Age 17, NY

I started my treatment for pigmentation and hair-removal from my upper lip and chin 5 years back. To be honest I was apprehensive, but I was ready to give it a shot. And I can tell you Dr. Kavita is nothing short of a blessing. She fixed me and I stay good because I visit her regularly. Recently I had a bad laser burn on my face-yes I decided to go somewhere else while she was away. And now thanks To her I am 70% ok in a matter of 8 weeks. I keep telling her she has a healing touch ad in her famous humble way she brushes it aside. She is as good as it gets according to me.

Pooja - 26 yrs, NY