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Dr kavita Payyar has been selected to represent as spokesperson/Official Acne specialist to the most successful Acne solutions brand Proactiv and launch Proactiv Skincare line of products to the Indian Subcontinent in Oct 2009. She would be on prominent TV channels in all the Metro cities of India for the next 2 years. (2011-2013)

Dr. Kavita Payyar did a write-up about prevention and treatment for common skin ailments such as Acne, Pigmentation, Sunspots, beauty tips on skincare and healthcare. She is the assigned Skincare Advisor on (December 23rd 2010 Online Edition).

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Beauty Health NY has been recognized by the Skin Care Industry as New York's most advanced Skin Care Center providing advanced facial treatments for men and women in need of more than just pampering their face...

We specialize in troubled, sensitive and stubborn skin types using a well planned customized facial approach for each and every individual client. We not only use organic skin care products derived from fruits and vegetables, but the health and cause of the client 's skin condition is of the utmost importance.


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